Dec 16, 2009

December in Texas

Despite all of our final exams at the beginning of this month, we have managed to buy and decorate a christmas tree, decorate our yard with lights (pictures to come soon), and most special to me, bound the wreath that my family used year after year for our christmas at home :). Lena is pulling herself up on everything and everyone that is willing, and her crawling speeds are amazing. We are down to only three meals a day with a snack now and then, she is becoming so big! The sweetest thing in the last few days was when Lena started waving. She will raise her whole arm all the way up and open and close her fingers, all with a huuuge smile on her little face :) She also finds great pleasure in handing all kinds of things to me and laughs when I take them out of her hands. She finds that this works even better with mickey, as he will follow her around now to see if she can pick up anything edible and give it to him. Which she happily does. Every once in a while she will spot the kitty somewhere and crawl as fast as she can to get her. She never does. So here are some pictures of decorating efforts and Lena :)